Millennium Stud 5000 Spray



Order cheap Stud 5000 is particularly for men to delay discharge. It contains Lidocaine Topical Aerosol as an active fixing. It is manufactured by Universal Life Sciences. This spray prompts a progressively adequate relationship. It reacts as a gentle sedative and decreases the affectability for drag out a sensual experience. This gives you enormous joy and fulfillment. It is suggested for the individuals who are experiencing untimely discharge. This spray is prudent and contains light skin oil. It is free from any scent as well as non-harmful and dreary. This spray is simple and safe to utilize. Put this spray 5 minutes before intercourse and don’t use it for not more than 2-3 sprays. Order Cheap Stud 5000 online.


  • Cheap Stud 500 helps in maintaining a strategic distance from separations as it takes into consideration a happy and fulfilled sensual life
  • Helps to hold the erection for a more drawn out span and hence allows for an extended performance
  • It is a surprisingly positive development for men experiencing untimely discharge issue as they can make certain of performing longer and also enjoy a delightful sensual intercourse
  • Allow ladies to appreciate the extraordinary climax
  • also, a confided item with ensured results.

How to use Cheap Stud 5000 

  • Make an experiment just spray on your arm to test the skin response. Hold up 10 mins.
  • Spray only once onto the genital part and rub it in.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Hold up 5-10 mins, at that point wash your genital part with warm water.
  • Have fun with your accomplice.
  • Choose if you need more than one shower later on.

Precautions of Stud 5000 

Carefully follow precautionary measures to avoid unfavorable impacts. Measurements depend on your condition. Counsel your primary care physician if your condition continues or worsens.

  • Utilizing 3-4 spray may numb the area excessively. You can examine only 1 spray at the start.
  • Maintain a strategic distance from contact with eyes or mouth. In the event of any contact, wash the eyes or mouth quickly and also counsel your primary care physician.
Some significant points to remember before using this spray
  • Try not to utilize if your accomplice is pregnant
  • not to utilize if you have kidney illness or also liver sickness
  • also, try not to utilize if your accomplice is adversely affected by the fixing.
  • The spray should be tested externally only.

Side Effects of Stud 5000 Spray

  • Swelling of the mouth
  • Tightness of the chest
  • Hives
  • also, Vomiting


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