Snovitra XL 60mg (Vardenafil)



Snovitra XL is known for growing the erection limit in men by offering harder erection and more sensual terms. It contains Vardenafil 60mg as an active fixing. It is manufactured for RSM Enterprises. These tablets offer a recognizable upgrade from fundamental use. They help in giving both erection hardness and also the ability to keep up the erection during intercourse. These tablets work effectively well after getting external provocation. These tablets work by growing the circulatory system to the genital part of men and help men in ED (erectile dysfunction) and keep an erection attractive for sensual development. When the sensual development is done, a circulatory system to the genital part of men decreases and the erection back off.


  • Drastically Enlarged Width and Girth;
  • Strongly Pleasurable Mood;
  • Boosted Sensitivity to Friction;
  • Improved Sensation;
  • Breaking Penile Length Extention;
  • Recharged Sense of Vitality;


  • The dosage of this medicine is 60mg one must consume around 30 minutes to 1 hour before sensual activity.
  • This medication must be accepted as consumed as required. A doctor may change the portion depending upon the medication’s adequacy and the patient’s response.
  • A tablet of this medicine must be taken orally, gulped down with a glassful of water. The tablet might be taken with or without food; high-fat food may defer the impacts of the medication.
  • It is best taken on an unfilled stomach or after a low-fat meal.
  • Taking of this medicine must not be more than one tablet for every day with 24 hours separated from the following dose, as the medication isn’t expected for daily use.


  1. One pill a day doesn’t take another tablet before 24 hours.
  2. Better to examine yourself that you are not allergic to this medication or not.
  3. Never mix it any other medicine if necessary firstly counsel your doctor.
  4. If you have liver, heart, seizes, bleeding disorder than you can’t take this medicine.

Side effects

These are used to treat erectile brokenness in men, yet there some exceptional responses have been seen which are

  • Headache,
  • flushing,
  • stomach pain,
  • nasal stuffiness
  • dazedness

In case these effects continue or increase, counsel your expert right away.

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60 mg


Snovitra XL


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