Fili100: A Useful Medication to Manage the Problem of Female Sensual Dysfunction

Fili 100mg tablet

A lot of women suffer from some sort of sensual dysfunction. A maximum percentage of women experience problems with sensual interaction, a low amount of sensual drive, trouble while attaining orgasm as well as struggling with pain during sensual contact. These problems are also termed Female sensual dysfunction. To have satisfying sensual contact perfect coordination is required among your body, mind, health, beliefs, and feelings toward your partner, among other factors. There are a lot of causes behind sensual problems in a woman’s life. Fili 100mg tablet from samokoverseas is an oral medication for those women who are suffering from sensual problems. The medication consists of Flibanserin 100mg.

One can consume the Fili 100mg tablet medication 30 minutes before the sensual contact.  This helps the medication to work properly by growing the level of sensual drive in women. The main function of this Flibanserin 100mg tablet is to boost the flow of blood to the genital part of the female.

Medical problems that may cause Female sensual dysfunction

There are a lot of medical problems that make sensual interaction painful. These may be Heart disease, diabetes, thyroid disease, nerve conditions such as multiple sclerosis, and even simple fatigue.

Any sort of surgery or radiation treatment in the vagina or other genital area can impact your sensual life. Even infections such as genital herpes can lead to sensual problems.

There are a variety of other causes such as:

  • During pregnancy: you may start to suffer from sensual problems usually in the third trimester.
  • After childbirth: you may have had a difficult delivery and the genital area has become more sensitive.
  • Breastfeeding: the estrogen levels are low and these may cause vaginal dryness or you may suffer from low energy during sensual contact.
  • Menopause may also cause vaginal dryness or lack of libido

Mental problems that may cause Female sensual dysfunction

A happy connection with your companion plays an important role in sensual intimacy with your companion. There are a lot of factors that may leave you feeling self-conscious, fearful, or uninterested. Various causes behind Female sensual dysfunction might include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Sensual abuse in the past
  • Low self-esteem

Impact of medications

Consumption of alcohol can make the orgasm less intense. Usage of Tobacco, heroin, and illegal drugs can even cause sensual problems in women. There are a lot of medications that can make the sensual interaction less pleasurable. These can even lower the sensual drive and cause discomfort in your vagina. These medications comprise:

  • High blood pressure drugs
  • Antidepressants
  • Antipsychotic medications
  • Epilepsy drugs
  • Certain cancer drugs
  • Medication for urinary tract infection
  • Steroids

Various Treatments for Female sensual dysfunction

It is necessary to seek proper treatment for the problem if you observe any kind of pain or other symptoms while indulging in sensual contact with the partner. There are a variety of therapies available. You must consult a doctor that will check out the various symptoms for health and perform various tests to diagnose the problem.

About Fili 100mg Tablet

Fili 100mg tablet is a productive medication available in the form of tablets to manage Female sensual problems. The medication comprises Flibanserin 100mg inside it. The medication is effective in handling sensual problems in women who have gone through menopause. It even handles low sensual desire as well as stamina. The main function of this tablet is to raise the level of sensual stamina in women. One needs to consume the medication with meals that are low in fat.  Don’t consume more than 100mg dosage in a day. This may cause unwanted effects.

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