Fili 100 mg (Flibanserin)

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Buy Fili 100 is a non-hormonal solution pill used to manage Hypoactive Sensual Desire Disorder (HSDD) in women who have not gone through menopause, who have issues with low sensual want inside the past, and who have low sensual inclination regardless of the kind of sensual pastime, the situation, or the sensual partner. It contains Flibanserin 100mg as an active fixing. It is manufactured for RSM Enterprises. Ladies with HSDD have the low sensual option this is upsetting to them. There are various methods set up that have an essential part in the sensual response of a woman. By using this medicine, specially designed to improve energy. Order Fili 100 Online


Fili 100 tablets is utilized to treat ladies who have not experienced menopause who have low sensual want and are worried about it. This medicine should not be utilized to treat low sensual desire brought about by a restorative or mental/temperament issue, relationship issues, or the impacts of different medications.

 Dosage of Fili 100

The dosage of this medicine is 100mg tablet. It is taken each night, just before bed. Take this medicine just at sleep time to diminish your danger of low pulse, and drowsiness while you are awake. Try not to utilize this prescription in huge or littler amounts or for longer than recommended.


Before taking Fili 100, tell your primary care physician if you are sensitive to it; or in the event that you have some other hypersensitivities. This medicine may contain inactive fixings, which can cause hypersensitive responses or different issues. Converse with your specialist for more information. This medicine should not be used with alcohol as it expands the risk of hypotension. Before a doctor prescribes this medicine, they should study a person’s past and current alcohol use to set up the chance of an individual going without alcohol. They should similarly research an individual related medical and social history.

Side Effects Fili 100

  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Low Pulse

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